What Is "No 1 Spins Alone"?

No1SpinsAlone is a web resource for the fire poi spinning community - promoting Safety, Education and Fun in the Fire Poi Spining Community. Based in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area.

On Hiatus

Sorry, our regular monthly burns/jams and practice/skill-share sessions are currently on hiatus. We don't know at this point when or if they will continue.

For most timely notice of their resumption or of any one-time events, please visit our Facebook page:

Visit our Facebook group pageNo 1 Spins Alone Facebook Group page


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Contact Us

Do you know of any spinning events or resources that should be listed here? Let us know.

No1 Spins Alone is made in the spirit of promoting community. Community makes us safe, safe to really learn this stuff and get to the point where we have fun, together.

We all started with simple forward rolls, but someone or someone probably showed us how to do our first butterfly, even if that someone was on a video clip.

Learn to burn. Burn to learn.

No1 No1 Spins

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